Monday, October 5, 2009

" Three Apples. "

three straight weeks of hello kitty, you
already know i'm in there. three apples is an
exhibition being held in honor of hello kitty's
35th anniversry. it will take place from october
23rd to november 15th at Royal/T café - shop
- art space in culver city. not all of the events
have been posted yet but on the 24th Yuko
Yamaguchi (hello kitty's head designer) will
be there, on halloween treats (FREE hk stuff!)
will be given out, and on the 1st (hk's birthday)
you can go and get your picture taken with
her! i'm so gonna go that day. there will also
be a hk apartment, a showcase of all the hk
collab items such as hk x betsey johnson, paul
frank, and mac make-up. a costume party,
hello kitty breakfast and tea party will be held
but the date hasn't been set. there will also be
a pop up shop that'll have limited edition prints,
japanese imported goods, 35th collection
items, and a whole lot more. the best part of
it all is that all the events are FREE and
everyone that comes get a hello kitty gift!


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