Monday, August 31, 2009

BP3 ..

womp for Jay-Z. listen to the whole album
tomorrow at x ..

" Successful " Video.

everytime I hear this song I start thinking crazy.
good crazy though. like I wanna do this, this, and
this .. and I AM gonna do it. know what Im sayin?
this video, not bad ... but I expected way more.

" Bounce "


Friends Come And Go ..

... but he is here to STAY.

the way you look, the music you listen to, your
favorite food, the car you drivin, the shoes you
wearin, none of that matters to him ... he is the
one person you can always count on. goodnight.

You Ready?!

READY x TREY SONGZ .. in stores today!

featuring the hittttt singles -

"I Need A Girl"
"LOL :-)" x Gucci Mane x Soulja Boy
"Successful" x Drake

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Follow Follow Follow.

I've ceen some real nice blogs here and there ..
but it's the first time I come across one like this.
60 women submitting a picture a day for a year!?
DOOPE. My nina Claudia just added herself to it.
Shes the koolest. Peep It! Starts September 1st.

Meet Alana!

This is my neice Alana. She just turned two and
all of a sudden is in looooove with elmo. Isn't she the
cutest tho?! She walked in my room right now to show
me her new elmo pajamas. I haven't smiled like I did
just now in way too long. I love her so much.

Kids are BEAUTIFUL ...
they can make your worst days the best.

Get Yours.


Is that something .. something real? or something fake?
Is it something you can't live without? Is it something
strong? Is it something weak? Is it something that you are
really afraid of going after for one too many reasons? Is it
something that you once had and lost? Is it something that
completes you? Is it something that you have to put your all
into? Is it something that others think should not be? Is it
something you dream about? Is it something that makes you
happy? Is it something that makes you sad? Is it something
that makes you smile? Is it something that is driving you
real crazy? Is it something big? Is it something little? Is it
something you desire? Is it something you want, but don't
know if you need? You know it's something .. but your not
sure what it really is? Well, go find out. And when you know,
and you have it, and you're the happiest you have ever been,
and you realize its what you have always been looking for ...
love it, treat it right, make it YOURS and keep it. Forever.

UNDFTD Fall 2009.


SHOP now at!

Stop Smoking!

i have never, and won't EVER, smoke one.
that shit is just plain nasty! you cee what it
can do to you?! people .. STOP SMOKING!

" Get U Home "

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 51st Birthday ..

.. to the GREATEST!!!

Rest In Peace.

Adam Goldstein x DJ AM.

Once A Cheater ..

.. always a cheater? I don't think so. In
order to know how good the person that you
have is, you have to loose them atleast once.
and im not saying cheating is the way to do
that but damn, look at this dude. Im sure that
the things he is willing to do to get his girl
back .. endless. She better forgive him after
this .. cuhz that is just embarassing. lol.


DID I SCARE YOU?! hahaha.

" The One "

.. " i ain't saying that i'm the best, but i'm the BEST. "

Supreme Fall/Winter 2009.

Click To View The Collection!

God Is Good ..


Thursday, August 27, 2009

DMPC X Nine Lives.

The Fall 2009 Lookbook " Nine Lives " is finally out!
.. thanks to diddy's ass and how he tweeted all the pics.




Jordan Moments Collection.

The collection consists of three sneakers, each one
representing a different moment of Michael Jordan's
legacy. The pack includes the 1's ( how it all began ),
the 6 rings ( highlight of six championships featuring
elements from the Jordans he wore when he won ...
VI, VII, VIII, XI, XII, XIII and XIV ) , and the Jordan 2009
( represents the future of the brand ). The graphic print
on the shoes has 23 of the most iconic numbers and
moments, such as his jersey numbers 23 and 45. The
collection will drop September 5th and unlike most
other packs each shoe will be sold seperately.

$125 (Air Jordan 1)

$175 (Jordan 6 Rings)

$200 (Air Jordan 2009).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary MTTM!

MTTM is celebrating their fifth
anniversary with this cute lil collection! ...

The pack includes five boy cut briefs, each one
personalized with one of the brand's most famous
sayings. If I had some undies that said " Most Official
Bitches Reign Supreme " on the booty I swear I wud
NOT wear any pants! These are too damn cute.

" Forever "

Drizzy X Kanye X Wayne X Eminem!

each one of them verses was good! but my favorite was
kanyes. then drake, then wayne, & last eminems. he raps too
fast for me lol i get confused. but this song gooooooooes.

Electro Love X DMPC.

hey cassie, i ain't mad at ya girl!!!!!! ..

Wah Wah?!

YUPPPP! Hellz Bellz X Vans.
... here's a sneak peak! X]

coming February 1st 2010 .. yeeeeeeeeeee!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hundreds X Diamond Supply.

Available in black, purple, red, white,
and Diamond exclusive colors - not shown.

Release Dates: August 27th at THSF and THLA,
September 3rd online, August 27th online - Diamond colors.
September 3rd at Diamond on Fairfax - Diamond colors.

" House Of Flying Daggers "

Monday, August 24, 2009

" She Don't Want A Man "

first time i heard asher i thought it was eminem ...
don't they sound alike!? but to this day i can't stand
that college song. its sooo stupid. i just might listen
to his album now tho, cuhz this song isn't bad at all!

Sexy Love?

umm not really .. Ne-yo's new supposedly girlfriend is
lookin a lil too hood for him huh? she reminds me of the
gross sister with the cornrows from the proud family lmao.
prolly has em on a leash. oh yeah, she raps too. and whussup
with him lookin like he ain't showered in days?! sheeeesh.

VMA's 2009 ..

.. will be on Sunday, September 13th at 9pm et!
Hosted by Russell Brand for the 2nd year in a row
with performances by Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Green Day,
Pink, Taylor Swift, and Muse! and the best part of it
all, MTVtr3s will air the awards with spanish subtitles
on the 20th .. wahoooo! lol. do NOT forget to watch!

Lil Mama Photo shoot.

does anybody know who lil mama's stylist is?!
or if she even has one?! lol. i knoooow you guys
been watchin ABDC and i knooow you guys been
wondering where the hell she gets them outfits
from! im sorry but lil mama is #WAF hahaha.

" Electro Love "

.. DimePiece's Fall 2009 Collection and the
entire lookbook featuring Cassie is almossst here!

" Reminder " Leaked.

... off the Blueprint 3!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

HK Shlippppers!

Sanrio = $30 Target = $8.99 ..

Thank you Target for making my day! =D

" Off That " Leaked.

Jay-Z x Drake x BP3! Woooooooooo!
but uh, why didn't drake get a verse?! lol

Remember That.

I heard this song for the first time today at work
and I gotta say Jessica Simpson spoke the TRUTH.
I've never listened to her music before, I didn't even
know she still made music lol but this is such a great
song I just have to share it. All you girls out there listen
to this song and listen GOOD. Especially those of you
who can't seem to leave that lil " bad " boy of yours ..

" Show Me Something "

New Balance Fall 2009.

New Balance CW996M Color Pack -
turquoise, pink, purple, yellow and silver
[ suede x leather x patent leather logo ]

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Brand Spankin New!

some new overseas goodies for all you sneaker heads!

Click to SHOP!

" Rubber Bandz "

Yay Meee!

sooooooo this was
my second weekend
at my new weekend
job and mannn i'm
lovin it! *mcdonalds
voice* its the best
job i have ever had
really! well besides
the shoe store. but
i don't do as much
work here as i do
at my other job,
i can wear anything,
text, and my boss
is super koooooool!
its such a chill
job. anyway, its
this lil stand in
the mall that sells
phone cases and accesories but is mostly bout the iphone and itouch cases they sell, you can get em customized with pretty much anything you want. i bought a case here when they first came, a red hello kitty one and well since i work there now ... dude hooked me upppppppp with a new one! yeeeeeeeeeee! XD he let me choose the pic x colors toooooo. aint it cute?!?! i love it!

LA Gear X Club Zonder Filter.

If you've never had a pair of L.A. Gears,
especially while growin up, get off my blog!

Just kidding. X] but if you haven't ... go
in your closet and never come back out!!!

For Sale!!!

Billionaire Boys Club Rucksack - $550 O.B.O.

AIM - AyeYOGabe or aalejaannndraa

Friday, August 21, 2009


DAMN! HE IS NOT HUMAN. alot of people
prolly do not understand how fast 19.19 seconds
really is ... and lemme tell youuuu, it is FASSST as
*beeeep!* i use to get so hyped up back in my track
days bout watchin the sprinters ... especially wen
reggie wyatt use to race, that boy is so quick! and
foreal i wud prolly pee my pants watching this dude.
he is way tooo amazing ... you get em buoyyyyy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

" Sky's The Limit "

No Way Jose!

we all know this shit aint real. i mean yeah it does
look like hes doing what we all think hes doing but
is he really? NO! so why is everyone gettin all hyped
up about it? i just read on some site that him and
Jay Z kissed at some club lol come on mann. i don't
believe it ... DRAKE IS NOT GAY!!!!! he loves meee!