Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Need Votes.

i have never been to either one of these and i'm
planning on going to horror nights this halloween.
but alot of people are saying its not scary at all (+1)
and that halloween haunt's mazes are much better.



.... ?!


DeAsiaNicole said...

if you're all about mazes & scary Universal.
if you wanna get on rides w/ short lines & go through a maze every so Knott's

But DO know that Uni is last year me & my girls got on a shuttle and the driver left us in the middle of nowhere saying that there was a "malfunction"...then hella monsters came outta nowhere & surrounded us and we & the other passengers had to find our way back to the the dark...surrounded by mosters...craziness lol
ok I'm rambling...have fun!

keeko. said...

i say Universal because im going
but they both pop around halloween time so
its up to you .


louis vuitton don jr said...

universal in my opinion check out my blog follow me and I will follow you

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