Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sneak Peak!

here's a preview of empire state of mind x jay-z & alicia keys.
i swear i be singing this song with a whole lot of passion and i
ain't even been to NY, lol. i know i ain't the only one either!
i'm excited for this video .. looks like it's gonna be a good one.

Five Day Weekend.

i got five days off from work, a whole week off! i'm gonna
lose out on half of my check but oh well. gabe's coming down
tomorrow night. yeeeeeee. after i pick him up from the airport
we're gonna get dinner at roscoe's and finally watch paranormal
activity! saturday we're going to the hello kitty pumpkin patch
in LA. :) but i don't think we're gonna dress up this year ... so
halloween night is probably gonna be like any other night. we
aren't going to horror nights either. he leaves sunday morning,
and after i drop him off i'm gonna go to the hello kitty birthday
party thang! i'll take lots of pictures to share with you guys. xo.

Stussy x Hello Kitty.

all i gotta say is WHY THE F*CK
everything gotta drop in japan?!

This Is It.

my friend raquel got tickets for the premiere of michael
jackson's "this is it" .. of course she invited me because she
loves me. so the movie wasn't what i thought it was gonna
be. it wasn't bad .. at all, i enjoyed it. but i was expecting
more emotional parts. it wasn't like a movie movie, it was
more like a bunch of clips put together. i mean yeah i knew
that's what it was going to be but i thought they would have
done alot more editing and talking and blah blah blah. well
anyways, what i saw tonight was amazing. there was so much
time, hard work, and money put into that concert that i can
truly say it would have been one, or THE, best concerts ever
made. this might sound gay but it kinda felt like we were
actually there at the concert. everyone in the theater was
clapping and screaming and michael just kept singing and
moon walking and all that good stuff. it's crazy how much
energy he had through out all that practice, hearing about
how unhealthy he was and all that. he was dancing just as
good as he was in his younger years. he was a very talented
person. you guys should go watch it, it's worth it ... i promise.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

" Make My Day. "

" sometimes the best things in life are not even planned,
we came to the sand and got more than a tan. "

In With The New.

is there a disorder for getting tired of the way things are really
really fast? because if there is ... I HAVE IT. seriously. from the
smallest things like the way my shoe boxes are organized to my
job, my hair color, & even people! i get so irritated and i start
changing things up way too much. it drives me crazy. it's not,
ocd, but i guess it's something like that. blah. i need to see a
shrink, haha. it's not even funny so i dunno why i'm laughing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Want One!

the other morning i took my mom to work at 7am and it
was the first time in a long time it felt like fall so i brought
my blanket with me. i was wrapped in it the whole time i was
driving ... it kept slipping off until i held it over the steering
wheel, which wasn't too safe. and that was when it really hit
me, " i NEED a snuggie in my life. " anyway, i was at wal-mart
and they have them for $14.95 ... way cheaper than on tv! it
comes with that book light too, haha. too bad they only carry
the pink and blue one. i'll settle for the pink, but the cheetah
one will be on my christmas list. i guess you can only order
that one .. i'm sure you'll want one too! after you watch this.

hahaha, i kid. but why does everyone take them as a
joke?! whoever made this video can choke in a snuggie.

No Shit, Sure Lock.

add this to your "I HOPE THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ME" list.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

We Meet At Last.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gaga X Hello Kitty.

we all know lady gaga has a mind of her own when
it comes to fashion ... and this I absolutely love.

Happy Cupcake Day!

... ENJOY!

Monday, October 12, 2009

" Lay Back "

Hellz x Reebok.

TOP DOWN. here's a detailed look, but still no release date.

Best Of The 2000's:

complex magazine presents:
the top 100 t-shirts of the decade.

check it out at

Urban Haze Dunk Hi.

releasing 12/2009 at nike sportswear retailers
... so ladies, put these on your christmas list!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

#Come Back Miley?

... ummmmmm, no comment.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dear Macbook ..

it hasn't even been a day yet and i have fallen deeply in
love with you. we will be spending alot of time together, i
promise. thanks to you i can finally blog from bed, oh yeah.
and i'm really in love with the way your cute little keys light
up when the lights go off, it's real sexy. my dearest macbook,
you have made my life complete .... i love you. - alejandra.

The Game Is Back!

i know most of you agree with me when i say that " the
game " is one of the best shows out there. well, it has
been confirmed that BET has picked the show up and they
are about to start filming season four. the reason for that is
people actually petitioned about it being cancelled, crazy
huh. but i do need me some malik back in my life! haha.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Need Votes.

i have never been to either one of these and i'm
planning on going to horror nights this halloween.
but alot of people are saying its not scary at all (+1)
and that halloween haunt's mazes are much better.



.... ?!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

" Life Is Better. "

take this ..

one of these ..

a little of this ..

can't do it without one of these ..

and this ..

.. have a wonderful night.

Oh Hell To The No.

this is what happens when you don't introduce your kids
to mr. good ol' fashion whoopin. i can't handle shows like this
foreal. i feel like slapping that little bitch back into her chair!!!!

Yo Diddy, He's Back!

after 9 long years, Moses Michael Leviy (coverted to
Judaism in prison) aka rapper Shyne has been released!

One Year and Four Months.


Adidas x Fafi.

Adidas Originals x Fafi for the Fall/Winter 2009 Collection. ♥

Monday, October 5, 2009

" Three Apples. "

three straight weeks of hello kitty, you
already know i'm in there. three apples is an
exhibition being held in honor of hello kitty's
35th anniversry. it will take place from october
23rd to november 15th at Royal/T café - shop
- art space in culver city. not all of the events
have been posted yet but on the 24th Yuko
Yamaguchi (hello kitty's head designer) will
be there, on halloween treats (FREE hk stuff!)
will be given out, and on the 1st (hk's birthday)
you can go and get your picture taken with
her! i'm so gonna go that day. there will also
be a hk apartment, a showcase of all the hk
collab items such as hk x betsey johnson, paul
frank, and mac make-up. a costume party,
hello kitty breakfast and tea party will be held
but the date hasn't been set. there will also be
a pop up shop that'll have limited edition prints,
japanese imported goods, 35th collection
items, and a whole lot more. the best part of
it all is that all the events are FREE and
everyone that comes get a hello kitty gift!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Supreme X Vans.

... two-pair pack featuring the Half Cab and
Old Skool dropping october 8th in-store & online.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

MTTM Fall/Winter 09.

click for the Fall/Winter 2009 collection.

" 6 In Tha Mornin "

The Many Facial Expressions:



Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Human Centipede.

out of ideas?! like foreal, lol. UGHH. booty hole to
mouth x three = two girls one cup all over again! EW.

" Two American girls are on a road trip through Europe.
In Germany they end up with a broken car in the woods.
They search for help and find an isolated villa. The next
day they awake to find themselves trapped in a terrifying
make shift basement hospital along with a Japanese man. A
German man identifies himself as a retired surgeon specialized
in separating Siamese twins. However his three “patients”
are not about to be separated, but joined together in a horrific
operation. He plans to be the first person to connect people
via their gastric system (ass-to-mouth fusion!), bringing
to life his sick lifetime fantasy “the human centipede”. "

Rihanna A Lesbiana?!

nooo way. really??? why??? .... supposedly rihanna's
new lover, or long time secret lover, is her " assistant "
Melissa. and that big ass mansion she bought was a gift for
her. but i don't believe it, girls take pics like this alll the time.

" I Done Came Up "