Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Is It.

my friend raquel got tickets for the premiere of michael
jackson's "this is it" .. of course she invited me because she
loves me. so the movie wasn't what i thought it was gonna
be. it wasn't bad .. at all, i enjoyed it. but i was expecting
more emotional parts. it wasn't like a movie movie, it was
more like a bunch of clips put together. i mean yeah i knew
that's what it was going to be but i thought they would have
done alot more editing and talking and blah blah blah. well
anyways, what i saw tonight was amazing. there was so much
time, hard work, and money put into that concert that i can
truly say it would have been one, or THE, best concerts ever
made. this might sound gay but it kinda felt like we were
actually there at the concert. everyone in the theater was
clapping and screaming and michael just kept singing and
moon walking and all that good stuff. it's crazy how much
energy he had through out all that practice, hearing about
how unhealthy he was and all that. he was dancing just as
good as he was in his younger years. he was a very talented
person. you guys should go watch it, it's worth it ... i promise.


Niku said...

nice review.

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