Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wayne x Drake BET Performance!

I missed the BET awards Sunday night .. I was watching
the Jackson 5 movie for the first time! It was such a good
movie, I loved it. But yeah I didn't watch the awards till
last night's re-run and damn, they were boooooring.
Everbody sucked! Ciara can not sing and wtf was Beyonce
talkin bout?! Better yet, what was she wearrrrring?! I was
really just tryna watch my boo thang Drake's performance
tho. Yeah, I saw it and I laughed hoping none of them
lil ass girls was Drake or Wayne's new girl.

Hahaha would have been funny but nope, none of that.
They were the members of a new group, OMG, started
by Tiny's ugly ass. It wasn't planned or rehearsed for them
to go up there .. but what had happened was Wayne's
daughter, Reginae (9) was crying cuhz she didn't get to go
up with her dad when he recieved his award. So Wayne
threw em up there last minute and damn, at least say who it
is I mean with the song they sang .." I wish I could fu*ck
every girl in the world " and pre-teens dancin around
them, lol NOT a good look. Watch it here:


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