Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Future.

Im currently in the process of shaping my
future, and I have some of it already planned.
After Im completely done with college and and
I make some where around $23/hour ....

You'll see me driving this Hello Kitty car:

With this same tatt:

... syke. lol.

Wearing this Hello Kitty wedding gown:

Cutting this Hello Kitty cake:

Living in this Hello Kitty house:

Having this Hello Kitty AR-15 in the closet:

Giving birth at this Hello Kitty hospital:

To this beautiful Hello Kitty blanky
covered filipino girl *giggles:

Going back home to her Hello Kitty nursery:

Having a Hello Kitty undies husband:

... and she lived happily ever after, lol. X]


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