Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thisssss weekend:

I finally went to the HEIST in Hollywood! .. I had
been wanting to go there for such a long time ...
Everyone I know had been there before and they
are always talkin bout how crazy it is up there and
yeah mannn, its crazy! People all on some weird sh*t
starin at lights like zombies and the DJ talkin bout
" throw your hands in the air if you love sex, drugs,
and techno!!! " lol. Its a kooooooo club tho! Well,
if you're into techno cuhz thats allll they play. Only
thing that sucked was it was hotter then hell in there
and since it was so crowded sweaty ass people were
bumpin into me the whole night, gross. I really had
a good time tho, best time I've ever had at a club
actually. Im mossssst def goin back! XD

Okay so then Friday night Raquel, Steph, and
me went to get taco bell like at 12am and came back
to my house to watch that Haunting in Connecticut
movie. Well the movie sucked bigggg time, it was not
scary at all .. and the food, ummm F*CK YOU TACO
BELL!! That sh*t got me sick. I was throwin up all
night and did not get no sleep. I had to miss dookie's
funeral cuhz my dad didn't think I was good enough to
drive and I wasn't. x[ I dunno if I wanna eat fast food
anymore, I ate it for two weeks straight since my mama
been gone! .. mannnn. Anyways, I wasn't all there but I
was feelin a lil better in the afternoon and since we all
already had our tickets to unLAced / Sneaker Convention
I didn't wanna miss it .. So yeaup, we went! x] I was really
just up there tryna sell my Yeezy's ( STILL FOR SALE!!! ) ..
but got to meet Big Sean and AudioPush .. and watch em
perform. Also got a couple tee's from the boutique booths
and even got a free one, yeeeeeauh! ... mad I didn't take
alotta picks ... cuhz half the time I swear I was ready
to barf but yeah, it was a pretty doooope event!


"Dub" said...

i dont know if im more pissed about the fact that you got your hands on a pair of yeezy's, or the fact that you got a photo-op with Big Sean....

...oh the woes of being from North Carolina, lol.

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