Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gay or Gay?

ummm, GAY. yes, he looks very gay. Pooch Hall,
aka derwin davis aka my use to be boo untill these
pics from the tv show The Game is the new model
for DJ Premium Clothing ... what you guys think?!


Shadé said...

I seen these pic many times today but that first pic is suspect... LOL

Niku said...

i used to question it too, but i think hes just awkward and corny. just like on the show. but sweet though (no pun intended)

Anonymous said...

It's whoever designed his out fit that would probably make you assume that if not his poses.
He'll have to make a statment saying he's a homosexual, it'd break the hearts of many girls claiming their relationship is like that of Derwin and "Med School".

keeko. said...

hes probably posing like that for th shoot
or hiss ass has no clue what hes doing or how he he looks

dont scare me ALE .
not DERWIN !!!!
he bet not be got damn itt

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