Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yay Meee!

sooooooo this was
my second weekend
at my new weekend
job and mannn i'm
lovin it! *mcdonalds
voice* its the best
job i have ever had
really! well besides
the shoe store. but
i don't do as much
work here as i do
at my other job,
i can wear anything,
text, and my boss
is super koooooool!
its such a chill
job. anyway, its
this lil stand in
the mall that sells
phone cases and accesories but is mostly bout the iphone and itouch cases they sell, you can get em customized with pretty much anything you want. i bought a case here when they first came, a red hello kitty one and well since i work there now ... dude hooked me upppppppp with a new one! yeeeeeeeeeee! XD he let me choose the pic x colors toooooo. aint it cute?!?! i love it!


Juicy Carter said...

this is too cute! and i love your layout

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