Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Back To School Day!

most people started school today ... well out here they
did, and whyyyyy so early i do not know. but the first day
of school was the ONLY day i enjoyed! ... waking up early to
get all cuuute ... having that special outfit & what not. haha.
yesssss, i know MOST of you do/did that!! anywho, i hated
school like crrrrrrrazy, but i do wish i would have gone back
today too. life is way different when you're all grown up. you
got college, jobs, bills .. stuff like that. so for all you youngins,
take each day at a time! as much as you guys prolly hate your
teachers, don't be mean to em and do your homework! don't
ditch classes either! make sure you keep your head straight
at allll times and don't let them little things take you off track.
stayyyy on top of your education! foreal. because what your
doin right now is shaping YOUR future ... and with that sed,
gooooodluck this year! bring me home them A+'s or else!

i just had to post this!! me, mtre, &
arykah back to school 07! *tears* hahaha.


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