Tuesday, January 19, 2010


If you didn't hear, Southern Cali was on tornado watch earlier
today. I swear I haven't seen this much rain since '07, we barely ever
get any! Everyone knows California has the best weather ever ... we
never get these types of storms. So of course, everyone was freaking
out! Even me. lol. I guess it wasn't that bad compared to the weather
other states get but it was pretty crazy. The wind was blowing so hard,
it hailed for a bit too, and some areas even flooded! ... but then it was
sunny and there was rainbows everywhere! lol. They said this was just
the beginning and the real storm is suppose to hit on Thursday. To all
my Socal folks, I hope you guys know how to swim ... be safe out there!

I'm telling you, this is too crazy for us ...
dude don't even know what day it is! lol.


TheDailey said...

wow out of all of that bad stuff... the rainbow shows itself. amazing

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