Monday, December 21, 2009

Gabe's 21st.

Honey, I'm home .. and I feel like I was gone
for months! I spent the last four days up north with
Gabe and his family, celebrating his 21st birthday
( which isn't untill the 24th ) and Christmas .. it was a
wonderful weekend, a weekend full of first times.
My first time iceskating, eating at Benihanas, trying
Lumpia, taking Ciroc, Greygoose, and Patron shots ...
so freaking gross, our first gingerbread house, watching
The Hangover, meeting a whole lot of family and a
" Tatay " ... lol, stuffing stockings, opening my Christmas
gifts a week before Christmas, laying by the fireplace,
watching Ratatouille .. our weekend was great! loved it.


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