Sunday, June 21, 2009


[10:51] Gailey: if theyre scared that we’ll meet someone
else that might sweep us off their feet with their shinning
armor… our boys should STEP their game up and worry
about KEEPING us instead of LOSING US!

can we all thank my Vegas Mary for speaking the truth
this morning! u’ve all seen it, wether u’ve been with a man
like this, or seen one of ur girlfriends date a man like this. ..
some men just CANNOT handle their women doing
anything without them.

and when i say anything, i mean anything. can’t
go to out without him, gets butthurt when she wants
to go home instead of come over, hella selfish, hella
controlling, hella jealous, can’t even use the bathroom
without him tryna be there holding her hand.

is this their way of showing affection? or just tryin
to keep tabs on their lady? and i know, i know, its better
than some guys who just dont give a fuck, but dont
u think thats just too much? i mean, i’m a woman. i
like cupcakin, i like spending time, i like pda. but when
u tell me i can’t have dinner at 7, cuz u dont get off work
till 9…. thats borderline psychotic, dontcha think?

and even tho the girl in the equation may put up with it
at first.. it dont take long for it to get more than lightweight
annoying. so fellas, LET A GIRL BREATHE and she’ll make
sure u stay within arm’s reach. truuussssttt. dont give her
the side eye when she wants a “girls night out” or automatically
assume she dont love you when she wants to hit the beach by
herself. cuz if you’ve forgotten, you’re supposed to compliment
her, not complete her. so quit tryin to be her other half.
she’s a perfect whole all by herself.

and instead of being the crazy jealous guy who is worried
about her leaving you… be the supporting kick-ass boyfriend
who is secure about himself and the relationship. it goes a long way.

remember what Abi said..
“if you dont want men calling your girlfriend
pretty, date someone ugly. ”

-Hellz Bellz


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